Continuent and SkySQL Form Partnership, Hadoop News

The MySQL community received some good news recently, as Continuent, a provider of MySQL replication and clustering solutions, and SkySQL, a provider of affordable MySQL database solutions, announced a newly-formed partnership.

Continuent CEO Robert Hodges commented on the new partnership with SkySQL in the official press release: “We are very excited about the opportunity to work with SkySQL, another leader in the MySQL ecosystem. High availability and scaling with automatic resource allocation provide real benefits to database applications of all sizes, and Tungsten Enterprise provides industry leading solutions for database management, continuity and data backup and recovery.  We closed our first joint customers in 2011 and look forward to working with SkySQL to solve important data management problems across a wide range of industries that use the MySQL database. Our collaboration is going to benefit a lot of customers.”

SkySQL CEO Ulf Sandberg said: “We are focused on bringing the MySQL database into the future while providing expert support and services to those using the database today.  Teaming up with Continuent to optimize the world’s most popular open-source database is a great step in that direction.”

The terms of the partnership serve to benefit not only Continuent and SkySQL, but users of MySQL as well.  Both companies will team up to offer the SkySQL Enterprise subscription, which gives users of any version of the MySQL database a comprehensive solution that includes server software, monitoring tools, and production support.  In addition, SkySQL will join Continuent to help market its Tungsten Enterprise and Tungsten Replicator offerings.  Tungsten Enterprise is a MySQL solution that handles clustering and data management, while Tungsten Replicator specializes in advanced data replication.

Matt Aslett, research manager of data management and analytics for 451 Research, described how the partnership would benefit the MySQL community: “The partnership between Continuent and SkySQL brings together two of the most prominent players in the MySQL ecosystem, combining their expertise in database clustering and replication, and subscription support respectively.  We expect the partnership to be beneficial to existing customers of both companies, and also attract interest from the wider MySQL user community.”

Stig Petter Hansen, a database administrator with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, said Continuent’s Tungsten-based solution supplied the functionality he was looking for at a lower cost than Oracle’s GoldenGate offering.  Speaking of the Continuent/SkySQL partnership, he added: “This is a forward thinking relationship that takes the vendor collaborative model to the next level by ensuring that MySQL users get the best of both worlds – number-one MySQL replication solutions and top ranked MySQL support services.”

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Attunity and Hortonworks Team Up to Optimize Big Data and Hadoop Integration

Attunity, experts in the realm of data integration software solutions, and Hortonworks, the industry’s foremost commercial vendor of Apache Hadoop, recently announced a partnership aimed at simplifying the integration of big data with Apache Hadoop.  If successful, the partnership would increase the usability and accessibility of big data by making it available for analytics not only in enterprise data centers, but also the cloud.

The Attunity and Hortonworks partnership can definitely be seen as a timely one, as many companies currently struggle with the difficulty that often comes with using big data.  If organizations can properly handle big data and apply business intelligence and predictive analytics, they can gain a decisive advantage over their competitors.  That’s where Attunity and Hortonworks come in. 

Attunity offers innovative data integration technology, while Hortonworks brings plenty of Apache Hadoop expertise to the table.  Thanks to the Hortonworks Data Platform, the tasks of installing, managing, and using Apache Hadoop become much simpler.  In addition, the platform allows users to build and deploy big data solutions in an open and stable environment.  Combine that with Attunity’s data integration solutions that can quickly load masses of data from various sources into the platform in a cost-friendly manner, and you have yourself a solid system for storing, processing and analyzing data in enterprise data centers and the cloud. 

Mitch Ferguson, Hortonworks’ VP of business development, discussed the benefit of partnering with Attunity: “As the volume of data continues to grow, organizations worldwide are quickly adopting Hadoop to store, manage and process Big Data for use in analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), and decision support.  Since data integration is traditionally one of the most time-consuming and challenging aspects in the Hadoop process, we are pleased to partner with Attunity. Working together, we can accelerate the adoption of Apache Hadoop by making it easier to deploy Big Data initiatives.”

Itamar Ankorion, Attunity’s VP of business development and corporate strategy, added: “Organizations that are able to leverage Big Data can become smarter about their customers, operations and business environment.  We believe that Attunity is uniquely positioned to facilitate the integration of Big Data with Hadoop, leveraging our robust portfolio of high-performance data integration and file transfer technologies. Our partnership with Hortonworks helps ensure that enterprises can make use of their Big Data and capitalize on the value of the Hadoop platform.”

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