Cloudera Named Enterprise Hadoop Leader

Cloudera’s claim as the industry leader in Apache Hadoop-based solutions was recently solidified even further by a new report released by Forrester Research. Dubbed “Forrester Wave: Enterprise Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2012,” the February 2012 report names Cloudera as the king of enterprise Hadoop providers.

Forrester’s report described why it chose Cloudera as the leader in the enterprise Hadoop market: “Cloudera is a well-established startup among pure-play vendors in the emerging Hadoop solution market. Its core open source product, Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH), has strong uptake among many early adopters and is popular with cloud/SaaS providers that have built Hadoop-based services. Cloudera has software, cloud/SaaS, and appliance offerings, and a substantial and growing professional services force focused on Hadoop training and consulting.”

While the free Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop is Cloudera’s top offering, it’s just one way in which the company helps enterprises that are heavily dependent on data get the most out of both their structured and unstructured data.  Its Enterprise solution offers a variety of software including Cloudera Manager combined with the company’s wealth of expertise in the form of Cloudera Support.  In addition, Cloudera provides customers training and certification on Apache technologies plus consulting services.

Cloudera’s VP of products Charles Zedlewski responded to Forrester’s praise in the official press release: “Cloudera continues to be a clear and consistent leader in Apache Hadoop-based software and services. Our integrated, tested, completely open source distribution of Apache Hadoop, comprehensive suite of management applications and full range of support and services, provide enterprises with the means to quickly and easily deploy and maintain Hadoop in production.  We remain deeply committed to the Apache Hadoop open source community and an avid participant in the evolution and advancement of the project. Every component within CDH is 100% open source, and Cloudera employs leading contributors and committers across the Hadoop ecosystem and has incubated prominent projects such as Apache Flume, Sqoop and Oozie. We’re pleased to be recognized by Forrester as a leading vendor in the Enterprise Hadoop market.”

Those interested in purchasing and reading “Forrester Wave: Enterprise Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2012” in its entirety can do so by visiting the firm’s official website,

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Cloudera Extends Relationship with Tableau Software for Big Data

Forrester Research’s naming of Cloudera as the enterprise Hadoop leader was just one bit of good news for the company over the last week, as it also announced an extension of its partnership with Tableau Software to help customers get the most out of their big data. 

The combination of Tableau’s status as one of the fastest growing providers of business intelligence software and Cloudera’s Apache Hadoop expertise promises to supply enterprises with the necessary capabilities to manage big data without the need for the technical proficiency that Hadoop usually demands.  Tableau specializes in helping customers analyze, share, and understand data and has secured a client list of over 7,000 companies worldwide.  Cloudera, meanwhile, is recognized as the aforementioned Apache Hadoop leader and lays claim to the popular and most widely used Hadoop platform in the world, which goes by the name of the Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop.

A perfect example of Tableau’s commitment to the Cloudera partnership is the Certified Cloudera Connector that the company developed to work with Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop.  Tableau integrated the new connector into its Tableau 7.0 offering, and it’s just one of the release’s features that make it appealing to enterprises looking for faster data sharing and management.  The connector gives users the ability to both access and analyze their Hadoop-stored data via Hive and the connector.  Its integration directly into Tableau 7.0 offers quicker user connectivity so they can begin extracting insights from the data in almost no time at all.  The end result of the Tableau-Cloudera partnership supplies organizations with the power to quickly construct interactive visualizations and dashboards with ease.

Dan Jewett, Tableau’s VP of product management, commented on the partnership with Cloudera: “The Cloudera Connector for Tableau allows for easy ad-hoc visualization so you can see patterns and outliers in your data stores in Hadoop without needing any special configuration.  And because we’ve partnered with Cloudera, we will continue to stay in the forefront of Hadoop developments and Big Data analytics.”

Ed Albanese, Cloudera’s head of business development, added: “Data continues to grow at an unprecedented rate and customers need to be able to understand and use their data for all aspects of their business. We’re pleased to see companies like Tableau taking advantage of the Cloudera Connect Partner Program to certify their technology and offer their customers the industry standard in Hadoop – CDH.  We are excited to provide our mutual customers with the Cloudera Connector for Tableau, furthering companies’ abilities to visualize and utilize the data in their Hadoop clusters.”

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