Free Monitoring Tool for Java Apps on Heroku

New Relic, a provider of SaaS-based app performance management, recently announced that New Relic Standard edition is now available for customers running Java applications on Heroku.

The announcement came during the Dreamforce ’11 conference, which brings hundreds of companies and thousands of customers, partners, and developers together to discuss cloud computing.  The timing of the announcement could not be better, as Java support on Heroku was recently made official.  New Relic’s application performance management tool offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring web applications and is used by a host of businesses, both large and small. 

The New Relic Standard edition provides 24/7 app and user monitoring and is ideal for smaller projects.  It supplies users with detailed information on database performance through various statistical tracking measures.  Customer data is retained for 1 week, and there can be unlimited users per account.  The tool also comes equipped with a JVM performance analyzer, incident and error alerting, plus much more to ensure that web application performance is optimized.

Heroku VP of Product Management Oren Teich commented on the importance of the latest move: "As more businesses look to Heroku to enable their cloud strategy, providing application performance monitoring is critical.  We are excited to announce the availability of New Relic’s add-on for our tens of thousands of developers worldwide and now growing base of Java developers with New Relic’s new production profiling and monitoring capabilities integrated seamlessly with Heroku."

Bill Lapcevic, New Relic’s VP of Business Development, noted the strength of the partnership between New Relic and Heroku, stating: "New Relic and Heroku have worked together to deliver the tools, resources, and skills organizations needed to rapidly and successfully deploy business-critical apps in the cloud.  The addition of New Relic’s app production profiling and monitoring capabilities to Heroku’s new Cedar platform underscores our continued joint commitment to providing Java developers with the same scalability, simplicity, and reliability that Ruby programmers have enjoyed for over the last two years." 

New Relic Standard edition is available for free to Heroku’s Java customers and continues to be free of charge to those running Ruby apps on the Heroku platform.  New Relic also offers its application performance management tool in a Pro edition that offers additional features beyond those found in the Standard version.  A 14-day trial can be used to experience the Pro edition’s capabilities.  A business package is available as well for clients with more than five servers.  More information on the different offerings can be found on New Relic’s website,

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Extentech Releases Update for its Java Spreadsheet Solution

Extentech, an industry leader in web spreadsheet and document technology, recently upgraded its portfolio of Java components and development tools with the announcement of its release of ExtenXLS 10.1.  The release upgrades the already solid Java spreadsheet SDK to include several new and improved features.

The ExtenXLS Java spreadsheet toolkit offers a fast and reliable platform that is ideal for reading, writing, and generating Excel spreadsheets.  Beyond its excellent performance and reliability, ExtenXLS’ main advantage over competitors is that it now gives users SVG charting that is compatible with web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.  SVG is an XML graphics format that eliminates the need for any browser plugins, as the most up-to-date browsers support its output.  Thanks to SVG charting, users can experience the benefits of data rich spreadsheet reporting in real time with vector graphics that are not only fast, but scalable as well.  ExtenXLS also offers VML Chart output to provide compatibility with legacy browsers. 

In addition to the SVG charting, ExtenXLS 10.1 is highlighted by several other appealing features, beginning with the introduction of the new ERF, NORMINV, NORMSINV, NORMDIST, and NORMSDIST formula functions.  Sheet protection and locking have been upgraded for increased compatibility with Excel, and charts containing spreadsheets can be exported in PDF format. 

ExtenXLS 10.1 also comes with various improvements aimed at increasing performance.  One of those improvements focuses on the realm of XLSX and OOXML fidelity, which has been increased when working with Excel 2010 and encrypted spreadsheet files.  A new workbook parser has been included as well to offer enhanced event-driven document review for sessions that are read-only.

Extentech CEO John McMahon commented on the latest ExtenXLS release, stating: “We are continually updating ExtenXLS to provide the most functionality for developers and to ensure that it remains the top choice of enterprises that need reliable and fast spreadsheet capabilities without vendor or platform lock-in.  With our new SVG charting output, we give customers a better way to present spreadsheet data, with rich and up-to-date web-based charts. Our system renders charts very quickly, so busy users don’t need to wait for their charts and spreadsheet data to display, allowing everyone to work more efficiently."

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