Yahoo and Microsoft Create Ad Partnership

The on-again, off-again relationship between Microsoft and Yahoo! appears to be back on, though cautiously. The announcement about the ad partnership between MSFT and YHOO should be announced by Thursday Morning.

Yahoo!, once a giant of the search engine world has joined an alliance with Microsoft and one assumes the Bing search engine.  While details are not available yet on what this means to Yahoo’s earnings, the stock is up about 1.6% in after-hours trading at 8PM Tuesday evening.

Last year, Microsoft made an overture to purchase Yahoo for roughly 47.5 Billion USD.  Currently, the Yahoo company is valued at approximately 1/2 that number.  Now, Yahoo! is ready to take on any suitor to save its business.

Recently, Yahoo! announced a new home page and promises of products to rival Google.  One can hope for Yahoo, the underdog in this fight, that they are either really lucky or really good and not really wrong.

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