iPad Developers Flock To SDK 3.2

As the iPad nears its shipping date, iPad developers are flocking to the Objective-C platform and Apple’s SDK 3.2

Using the same development platform as the iPhone, the iPad has caused a marked surge in use of the iPad development software and emulators almost as strong as the market is picking up the actual iPad units.

The iPad itself sold well over 155,000 units in just over three days.  Developer’s interest is definitely justified and, if you’ve already got the iPhone and Objective-C background, you are definitely ready to start developing on the iPad.

This article from Nick Kolakowski highlights the developer sentiment, causing a 185% usage of the Apple development kit and related tools since announcing the iPad emulator.

Objective-C is a language steeped in Apple lore, starting back in the 1980’s and has ties to C, Smalltalk and arguably has some Visual Basic event-driven cues in its modern iteration and use with Cocoa.

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