Google’s Chrome 6 Browser Brings Speed to the Table

With so much to choose from in the way of Internet browsers, competitors need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Google’s latest release, Chrome 6, stands out by satisfying its users’ need for speed.

In the sports world, many say that speed kills. While that is usually the case, you could say that the same holds true when it comes to Internet browsers. After all, there are few things more frustrating than having to wait all day for a page or application to load. 

When it comes to using a web browser, many people use a variety of deciding factors. Some believe security is most important. Others find that the look and user interface is key. Some may just follow the crowd and pick the most trusted name. 

Meanwhile, others want speed. They want whichever browser will help them get through their daily browsing activities in the quickest manner possible. Google has paid attention to this, and has improved the speed of its Chrome browser with version 6.

Last week, Google launched Chrome 6 for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. It was a special occasion for the technology giant, as the date, September 2, also marked Chrome’s second anniversary. While the new release included several security patches, it also came with speedier performance as a way to not only satisfy the browser’s current users, but also to hopefully sway more Internet surfers into Google’s grasp. 

With competition in the technology world increasing at an intense rate, consumers have a variety of options to choose from. They can now expect more in terms of efficiency, and laying claim to a faster browser can definitely prove vital in gaining market share for a company such as Google. Chrome’s director of product management, Brian Rakowski, stated, “A lot of things have changed in the last two years, but the one thing we’ve learned is that speed matters.” 

Of course, there is little doubt that Google’s competitors are closely watching the company’s moves and will hurry to release faster versions of their own browsers.  The sixth version of Chrome is three times faster than the original version at handling JavaScript. According to tests run by the technology site Computerworld, Chrome 6 is also 17 percent faster than Chrome 5, which was released in May of this year. Despite that impressive improvement, however, Chrome 6 is still not the king when it comes to browser speed.

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To compare browser speeds, Computerworld ran SunSpider, a benchmark suite used to gauge JavaScript performance, three times on the following browsers: Chrome 5, Chrome 6, Firefox 3.6.9, Firefox 4 Beta 4, Internet Explorer 8, Opera 10.61, and Safari 5.  The tests were run on machines using Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3. 

The results revealed that Opera 10.6.1 was the fastest, with Safari 5 and Chrome 6 right on its heels. In fact, the number one spot is barely held onto by Opera, as the difference between it, Safari 5 and Chrome 6 is just 12 milliseconds.  Rounding out the speed rankings in order were Chrome 5, Firefox 4 Beta 4, Firefox 3.6.9, and Internet Explorer 8.

Although Chrome 6’s numbers are impressive, Google will have to keep its wheels churning to keep its spot in the speed race. Mozilla plans on releasing Firefox 4 later this year, and on September 15, Microsoft plans on unveiling a public beta version of Internet Explorer 9. Regardless, the heated competition between the companies will benefit consumers the most, with more features and faster browsing performances being offered.  

For more, visit the Computerworld story.

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