Ajax.org Offers Cloud9 IDE for JavaScript

To help developers gain extra freedom to control their development environment, Ajax.org has released Cloud9 IDE. As its name would suggest, Cloud9 is a cloud-based development platform that is designed primarily for JavaScript developers, but it also supports PHP, Python, and Ruby.

By being cloud-based, Cloud9 allows developers to work on their applications no matter where they are.  Add to that the fact that it is open source, HTML-5 compatible, and free, and you have yourself a very attractive platform that should gain some new users.

The convenience provided by Cloud9 IDE is hard to ignore. Since it can be accessed through a web browser, Cloud9 gives its users the opportunity to develop apps across a wide range of scenarios. It can be used on a desktop in a home or office. It can also be accessed via a laptop or tablet device while on the road. Even better, Cloud9 is accessible through a mobile phone browser as well. Cloud9’s cloud-based functionality also eliminates the need for new product licenses if a different employee or partner wants to work on a project, which also saves money.

Besides the convenience factor, Cloud9 offers a host of core features. It has a solid code editor for dynamic languages and real time code validation for JavaScript. It allows users to run and debug their JavaScript apps with ease and also provides easy access to repositories through its GitHub integration. Cloud9 also encourages collaboration between team members through some of its features. Users can engage in group chat from within the interface, eliminating the need to have other messaging services open. Team members can also work together on code right from the cloud without having to be in the same office or on a certain device. Organizations can use Cloud9 to manage their development teams, and new members can be invited to partake in new projects. In summary, Cloud9 puts a powerful set of features into one service that developers can use to achieve their goals.

As mentioned, Cloud9 is open source, so users have the freedom to modify and update it. The IDE was created in JavaScript and HTML-5, and runs on a NodeJS-based server that is hosted on a service provided by Ajax.org. Ajax.org offers a Cloud9 IDE is available by registering at the following link:

For more on this topic, visit http://www.cmswire.com/cms/web-cms/ajaxorg-offers-cloudbased-dev-platform-for-javascript-html-5-010341.php

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