Mambo Open Source Content Management System

AdministrationIf you use a content management system (CMS) to run a site, then you’re probably familiar with Mambo. No, not the dance – I’m talking about Mambo CMS, a PHP-based Open Source CMS. Seeing as DevShed’s CMS is based on this technology, we thought it would be appropriate to give you a sneak peak at what we use to make sure that you continually get the best development content on the web. Steven Pignataro, a highly active “Mamber” of the Mambo community, takes us on a tour of the Mambo CMS.

PHP: Pre-Historic Programming. This is what some say. Why? Because it is based of the old programming language C. C is one of the first programming languages to be around back in the day when computers came around. After many years, it quickly matured into C++. PHP is based off of the C language as well, since it is essentially developed from C++. But it has developed and matured to become one of the most powerful web based programming languages. As it is now the most versatile web based language out there. PHP is not just powerful but also free (as in beer). PHP runs on multiple platforms and numerous servers.

Why do people consider PHP to be prehistoric? Not very many people see the true power in what PHP can offer. Many will stick with programming languages that have call in support, such as Microsoft’s ASP. Unfortunately, ASP’s not free; heck, it costs an arm and a leg (figuratively speaking, of course). So why do people stick with languages such as these? Because they feel secure due to the support they receive with buying the product. What they don’t realize is that there’s more support for the open source language then there is for ASP.

PHP, being open source and free, provides endless possibilities to the end user as well as to the programmer. And that is what Mambo Open Source has done. Mambo has brought PHP programming to a new level.
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What is Mambo Open Source (MOS)? MOS is a complete Content Management System (CMS) designed and programmed with advanced PHP programming. MOS is an extensive database driven CMS, with the ability to submit and publish content on the fly. MOS provides a highly user-friendly administration backend like no other CMS.

When compared to other CMSs, such as PostNuke or PHPNuke, the ease of use is beyond comparison, given that Mambo give you complete control over your entire site look, style, feel, and content.

Mambo has so many features it is hard to list them all. But below is just a portion of what Mambo can offer to you.

Mambo Open Source Feature List:

  • Licensed under the GNU/GPL.

  • The easiest to use CMS there is. Most users can pick up the interface with little or no training. This means you or your users can be maintaining the site right away. If you can use a web browser, you can use Mambo Open Source.

  • Inline WYSIWYG content editors. Mambo Open Source uses HTMLArea. There is now support for the latest BETA of HTMLArea3.

  • Simple template engine for maximum layout flexibility.

  • Many built-in modules and components are included

  • Highly configurable newsfeed system

  • RSS Syndicated News

  • Banner Management System

  • Newsflashes

  • Mass mailing to registered users

  • WebLink Manager

  • Database Backup and Restore

  • System Statistics (Browser & OS)

  • Built in Administration Help System 

  • Easy administration of site wide images

  • Content Archiving

  • Content Versioning

  • Automatic publishing and expiration support of content based on date.

  • Metadata support

  • Integrated search engine.

  • Support for over 20 languages

  • Template management system allows for quick and powerful page layout changes.

  • Package management system for modules and components

  • Flexible, Mambo Open Source 4.5 should run under any web server, on any operating system that supports PHP and MySQL.

  • Modular design so the code is easy to update, change, and replace.

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So now you ask yourself, if PHP really is prehistoric, then why is it such a superior language? After all, much can be done with PHP; Mambo is a supreme example of this. Not only is it a supreme example, but it also shows what a Content Management System should offer no matter what the price. Even free, it still has the qualities of a $5,000 product, while still offering more.

Mambo will be shown at Linux World Expo January 21st-23rd. The Expo will be held in New York City at the Javis Center. We will be at booth 7 on the floor.

Mambo Support Sites:

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