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Now that you've got the skinny on variables and conditional statements, expand your knowledge of the ZPT universe with this discussion of TAL loops, dynamically-generated attributes and error handlers.

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By: Harish Kamath, (c) Melonfire
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October 09, 2002

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You can add primitive error-handling to your templates via the special "on-error" attribute, which allows you to specify a simple error message that is displayed when TAL encounters an error. Consider the following example:

<font color="red" size="2" face="verdana" tal:on-error="string:Form input error" tal:attributes="color request/color; size request/size; face request/face"> Sticks and stones will break my bones </font>
In this case, since my code requires the "size", "face" and "color" input variables to be specified as input parameters via the URL (notice that I have not used the "default" condition here, as I did in the previous example), an error will be generated if these variables are not present. However, rather than displaying the standard Zope error message,

I can intercept the error with TAL's "on-error" attribute, and replace it with my own, simpler error message.

"on-error" attributes are processed in a hierarchical manner, with TAL recursing upwards from the source of the error until it finds an "on-error" error handler. In the following example, even though the error is generated by the innermost <font> element, the error message generated comes from the outermost <div> element.

<div tal:on-error="string:Form input error"> <b><font color="red" size="2" face="verdana" tal:attributes="color request/color; size request/size; face request/face"> Sticks and stones will break my bones </font> </b> </div>
This is obviously a primitive example - you can do some pretty complex things with the "on-error" attribute. Take a look at http://www.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Projects/ZPT/RenderErrorHandlingStrategies for more information.

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