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Now that you've got the skinny on variables and conditional statements, expand your knowledge of the ZPT universe with this discussion of TAL loops, dynamically-generated attributes and error handlers.

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By: Harish Kamath, (c) Melonfire
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October 09, 2002

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You can also use the "repeat" attribute to hook your template up to a database, and dynamically generate output based on an SQL resultset. Consider the following example, which demonstrates how the "repeat" attribute can be used to iterate through a MySQL resultset and dynamically build a table containing elements of that resultset.

<table cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" border="1" width="250"> 
<tr bgcolor="#CFCFCF"> 
<td align="left"><b>User Details</b></td> 
<tr tal:repeat="memberlist 
<td align="left"><font size="2"><b><span
name here</span><span
tal:replace="memberlist/lname">Last name here</span></b></font> 
<font size="1"><i tal:content="memberlist/tel">Telephone number 
<br> <span tal:replace="memberlist/email">Email address
</tr> </table>
In this example, SelectMembers is a ZSQL method used to retrieve a list of members from a database SELECT * FROM members as a sequence (for the uninitiated, a ZSQL Method is a special Zope object that allows you to communicate with a database). A ZPT loop iterates through it and prints the data as an HTML table.

Here's what the output looks like:

This example uses the "repeat" TAL attribute to loop over the result set returned by the SelectMembers ZSQL Method.

<tr tal:repeat="memberlist here/SelectMembers">
The TALES expression - "here/SelectMembers" - executes the ZSQL method. The rest of the code is good ol' HTML to make the page look pretty.

More information on the "repeat" attribute can be found at http://www.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Projects/ZPT/RepeatVariable

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