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Dig deeper into the world of ZPT with examples andillustrations of how to create, manipulate and use variables andconditional tests in your templates.

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By: Harish Kamath, (c) Melonfire
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September 25, 2002

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Variables are the bread and butter of any programming language - and TALis no exception. In TAL, variables are defined via the special "define"attribute, which must be provided with both a variable name and a value(which can be any valid TALES expression). Let's take a look at a simpleexample, which demonstrates:

<h2>The name's <i tal:define="name string:Bond, James Bond"tal:content="string:$name">name here</i>.</h2>
Here's how Zope renders it:
The name's Bond, James Bond.
In this case, the "define" attribute is used to define a variable named"name", and assign it the value "Bond, James Bond". The "string" keywordin the expression is used to indicate that the following text is - well- a string.
<i tal:define="name string:Bond, James Bond" ... >name here</i>
This value may then be accessed using a TAL "content" or "replace"attribute, in combination with the variable name (which must be prefixedby a dollar ($) symbol).

<i ... tal:content="string: $name">name here</i>
You can even set variable values dynamically, by using TALES expressionsinstead of hard-wired string values. Consider the following example,whichillustrates:

<h1>The name's <i tal:define="whoami template/title_or_id" tal:content="string:$whoami">name here</i>.</h1>
Here's the output (assuming that the page title was "Agent007"):

The name's Agent007.

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