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In this concluding article, dip your toes in the waters of more advanced DTML programming, with explanations of the , and tags.

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By: Harish Kamath, (c) Melonfire
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July 17, 2002

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Now, every major programming language comes with the capability to include inline comments in the code. And DTML lets you include meaningful comments in your code via the <dtml-comment> tag. Take a look at the tree example, now rewritten with lots of comments.

<dtml-tree branches_expr="objectValues()" sort="id" single="1"> <dtml-comment> check if the current item in the tree is a folder</dtml-comment> <dtml-if "meta_type=='Folder'"> <dtml-comment>If folder, just display the id</dtml-comment> <img src="<dtml-var icon>" > <dtml-comment>check if current item has been expanded</dtml-comment> <dtml-if tree-item-expanded> <dtml-comment> if expanded, display the id of the object in bold</dtml-comment> <b><dtml-var getId></b> <dtml-else> <dtml-var getId> </dtml-if> <dtml-else> <dtml-comment>if not folder, hyperlink the object so that it can be directly accessed by the user</dtml-comment> <img src="<dtml-var icon>"> <a href="<dtml-var tree-item-url>"> <dtml-var getId> </a> </dtml-if> </dtml-tree>
If you're planning to make your code publicly available on the Internet, a comment is a great way to tell members of the opposite sex all about yourself - try including your phone number for optimum results.

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