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So you've got your XML, and you've also got an XSLT stylesheet to format it. But how do you put the two of them together? Fear not - you can use PHP's Sablotron extension to perform XSLT transformation of XML data on the server. This article tells you how.

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By: Harish Kamath, (c) Melonfire
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November 30, 2001

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Like any good API, PHP's Sablotron extension comes with an excellent error-handling mechanism. I'll modify one of the examples above to illustrate:


// the files
$xmlfile = "person.xml";
$xslfile = "person.xsl";

// create the XSLT processor
$xslthandler = xslt_create() or die("Houston, we
have a problem. No XSLT
handler available. Mission aborted.");

// process the two files to get the desired output
$xslfile, $xmlfile))
// get and print the result
echo xslt_fetch_result($xslthandler);
echo "Something bad just happened.n";
echo "Error code: " . xslt_errno($xslthandler)
. "n";
echo "Error string: " . xslt_error($xslthandler) . "n";

// free the resources occupied by the handlers


Much of the code here has been culled from the previous examples. The difference: this script includes a primitive error-handling mechanism, which checks whether or not the processing was successful, and returns an error code and message if not.

Both the xslt_errno() and xslt_error() functions accept a handle for the XSLT processor, and return the last error code and message generated by the processor. At least that's the theory - in my experiments with PHP 4.0.6, these functions failed to work as advertised.

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