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XML Parsing With DOM and Xerces (part 2)

In this concluding article of a two-part series, use your knowledge of DOM processing with Xerces to construct simple Web applications based on Xerces, XML and JSP. Examples include transforming an XML file to HTML via Xerces and dynamically generating an XML document tree from a MySQL database.

  1. XML Parsing With DOM and Xerces (part 2)
  2. The Writing On The Wall
  3. Highlights
  4. Data Overload
  5. Oops!
  6. Dear Diary
  7. Of Method And Madness
  8. Black Or White
  9. Link Out
By: icarus, (c) Melonfire
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March 06, 2002

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The first part of this article discussed XML parsing with the Xerces DOM parser, explaining the basics of creating and traversing an XML DOM tree. It also illustrated the theory with practical (and not-so-practical) examples, using parser interfaces and callbacks to to construct some simple Java programs.

Now, though the first part of this article included some interesting exercises, your knowledge is still incomplete. This is because, with everyone and their grandma jumping on the Web, it's necessary to understand XML parsing in the content of the Web to consider yourself even marginally proficient with Xerces. And so, this concluding article focuses on the dynamic generation of Web pages from an XML file, demonstrating how Java, JSP, Xerces and XML can be combined to create simple Web applications. Take a look!

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