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We have dealt with some basic XML concepts already, so now we are prepared to leap forward and take a closer look at this powerful language. The X in XML stands for eXtensible- in other words, the language can be extended to meet the requirements of a specific situation.

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  4. Microsoft XML Parser
  5. Creating An XML Document
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By: Gayathri Gokul
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September 22, 2003

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As we have already stated there are numerous XML parsers available, you could choose the one, which you feel comfortable with. But this tutorial is focused on Microsoft technologies for XML, so the material covered will be limited to the Microsoft XML parser (MSXML). This is a very powerful parser performs syntax checking, does validation, and exposes the document content with both SAX and DOM. To download and install package for MSXML Parser go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/downloads and search for “MSXML Parser”.

Microsoft XML Software Development Kit:
Another useful tool that is available from Microsoft is the Microsoft XML Software Development Kit (MSXML SDK). The SDK is installed at the same time you install MSXML Parser.

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