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We have dealt with some basic XML concepts already, so now we are prepared to leap forward and take a closer look at this powerful language. The X in XML stands for eXtensible- in other words, the language can be extended to meet the requirements of a specific situation.

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By: Gayathri Gokul
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September 22, 2003

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One area where use of XML is widespread is the World Wide Web. This means that browser support for XML is increasingly important. To support XML, a browser has to do two things: display the content of XML document formatted according to its associated style sheet and parse the XML document to allow access to its contents. The first commercial browser to support XML was Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0. Mozilla browser which, is an open source code initiative that is based on Netscape Communication Browser (developed by Netscape) completely supports XML. You can find additional information at http://www.mozilla.org/. In addition W3C has developed its own browser, Amaya to browse and edit XML document. You can download Amaya from W3C web site, http://www.w3.org/amaya/.

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