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XML is an acronym for "Extensible Markup Language". XML is the latest, powerful , platform-independent and content-dependent technology in the internet development. Learn all about it here.

  1. An Introduction to XML
  2. SGML, HTML and XML
  3. Valid and Well-formed XML
  4. Example XML Documents and analysis
  5. Software for XML
  6. Conclusion
By: Suresh Kumar
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October 21, 1999

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XML related softwares can be broadly classified in to three categories:
XML Browsers
XML Parsers/applications
XML Editors

XML Browsers
Few XML browsers are there now. The XML style sheet specification (XSL)is in the evolution stage. Features like XLink and XPoint are still emerging and has to be incorporated in the browsers.

XML Parsers and Applications
A parser is a program to check the well-formedness of an XML document. If the document is well-formed, the parser has to read the document's DTD and should check the conformance of the document to the rules in the DTD.

DXP - A parser written in Java
Many parsers are written using Java. DXP can be used to check the well-formedness and validity of an XML document. The software, it's installation and operational documents can be downloaded from http://www.datachannel.com/

MSxml - A parser written in JAVA by Microsoft
Download and install form Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com/workshop/XML/parser/xmldl.asp

Perl Module - A perl module XML parser is available
Larry Wall prototyped this Perl module for processing XML documents in Perl scripts. It relies on James Clark's expat XML parser. This module also requires Perl 5.004 or better.

Download and install it from the Perl site. Clark Cooper has provided some sample scripts that demonstrate how to process XML in Perl.

XML Editors
XML editors give users an environment to create their own tags. One of the popular editors is XML<PRO> from Vervet Logic http://www.vervet.com/.

Few features of XML<PRO>

  • Document validation - XML<PRO> can be used as a validator to test the document validity
  • Entity Palette - A floating palette is available for inserting defined entities
  • DTD can be associated with the document.

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