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XML is an acronym for "Extensible Markup Language". XML is the latest, powerful , platform-independent and content-dependent technology in the internet development. Learn all about it here.

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By: Suresh Kumar
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October 21, 1999

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Two levels of conformance are there in the XML recommendation: valid and well-formed.

A well-formed XML file must follow a few key rules:

  • It should have at least one element.
  • The document should conform to the XML specification
  • The root element (<Mail>) should not be contained by any other element.
  • Proper nesting of elements is a must.
  • Attribute values should be within quotation marks.
  • All the entities other than reserved entities should be declared.
The reader should take a look at the XML recommendation itself before attempting to create an XML document..

Refer http://www.w3c.org/xml

Even without a DTD, an XML parser should parse a well-formed XML document. If it is not well-formed it can't be called an XML document. This aspect is good for web applications because the applications need not know the DTD structure used to create the XML document.

Valid XML

Valid XML files are those which have a DTD reference and conforms to the DTD. A valid XML file must also be well-formed. The availability of DTD along with the document facilitates the XML processing programs and rendering of the document by XML-enabled browsers.

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