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This article describes the concept of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), its benefits, SOA with Web Services, choosing a platform to implement SOA and other related topics. The author recommends implementing SOA right now to survive in this competitive world.

  1. Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  2. Web Services and SOA
  3. Benefits of SOA
  4. Which is best suitable for SOA: .NET or J2EE?
  5. Summary with Simple Definitions
By: Jagadish Chatarji
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October 13, 2004

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Architecturally, the modern enterprise architecture design could involve:

  • Service Oriented
  • Event-Driven
  • Loosely coupled
  • Aligned with life cycle support processes
  • Able to support assembly and integration
  • Able to leverage existing applications and infrastructure

SOAs offer the following advantages over traditional approaches to distributed computing:

  • They offer business services across the platforms
  • They provide location independence
  • Services need not be at a particular system or particular network
  • Completely loosely coupled approach
  • Authentication and authorization support at every level
  • The search and connectivity to other services is dynamic

Short-term benefits of implementation:

  • Enhances reliability
  • Reduces hardware acquisition costs
  • Leverages existing development skills
  • Accelerates movement to standards-based server and application consolidation
  • Provides a data bridge between incompatible technologies

Long-term benefits of implementation:

  • Provides the ability to build composite applications
  • Creates a self-healing infrastructure that reduces management costs
  • Provides truly real-time decision-making applications
  • Enables the compilation of a unified taxonomy of information across an enterprise and its customer and partners

Benefits from the perspective of Business Value

  • Ability to more quickly meet customer demands
  • Lower costs associated with the acquisition and maintenance of technology
  • Management of business functionality closer to the business units
  • Leverages existing investments in technology
  • Reduces reliance on expensive custom development

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