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What You Need to Know to Get Started as a BlackBerry Developer

BlackBerries, on more than once occasion, have been called the phones of the future. In a world where multi-tasking has become a necessary life skill, that factoid should come as no surprise. People need their phones to be as multi-functional as possible, and a phone that simply makes phone calls is a thing of the past. Thanks to BlackBerry, a “smartphone” has become a necessary tool in the development and general maintenance of both small businesses and major corporations. This is where BlackBerry developers come into play. Whether it is your intention to leverage the standards-based BlackBerry platform and developer tools to create applications that are just right for your organization or you’re looking to branch out and create solutions for other companies, there are a few things you should know before you begin to seriously consider becoming a BlackBerry developer.

  1. What You Need to Know to Get Started as a BlackBerry Developer
  2. Get Your Java On
  3. Get Acquainted with the BlackBerry Platform
By: Joe eitel
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June 10, 2009

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Research in Motion (RIM), which is a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of innovative wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market, also happens to be the company responsible for BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Curve is currently America's best-selling smartphone, and because of that, RIM has gained a major competitive edge in the consumer smartphone market. Now, many have claimed that the BlackBerry platform is too enterprise-focused for applications, but if you take a look at AppWorld, and the plethora of everyday applications available to the user, you will know that that is not the case.


Before we get into specifics, it's important to point out that new developers have a wealth of information available at their fingertips. Sure, there are countless blogs, message boards, and websites devoted to being a BlackBerry developer, but why not go to the source? BlackBerry has a specific site dedicated to helping developers find their footing in what could otherwise feel like an overwhelming and complicated task. It's called the BlackBerry Developer Zone.

The site serves as a comprehensive resource for developing BlackBerry applications. It covers every base, from overviews of the browser development architecture to the BlackBerry App World Storefront, where developers can showcase their apps to millions of BlackBerry smartphone users simply by submitting an application.

The site recommends that those new to mobile development learn the basics of how to create cutting-edge mobile applications by browsing through featured tutorials such as Mobile Development 101 and BlackBerry development approaches. This "zone" will prove to be an excellent resource for anyone just getting started as a BlackBerry app developer.

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