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BlackBerry’s Java Development Environment (JDE) is crucial for a developer to understand, because it's the heart and soul of the development process. The JDE is a fully-integrated development environment and simulation tool for building Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) applications. BlackBerry’s JDE is a Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) compliant Java ME environment, which is ideal for developers who want to uphold seamless portability in their wireless applications.

  1. The BlackBerry Java Development Environment Inside and Out
  2. BlackBerry JDE v4.7 Feature Enhancements
  3. What the BlackBerry Java Development Environment Can Do For You
By: Joe eitel
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July 30, 2009

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As a BlackBerry developer who works with applications often, if not every day, you may have become jaded. After all, it's easy to forget everything that BlackBerry's JDE does, because it does so much. A refresher course concerning the huge amount of tasks the Java Development Environment is not only capable of doing, but assists you in doing as well may cause you to rethink any features you have been taking for granted.

Here is a quick list of the features BlackBerry's Java Development Environment enables its users to take advantage of:

  • Creating user interfaces

  • Using graphics and other multimedia

  • Store and manage data

  • Implement security and trust services

  • Manage memory

  • Create connections using HTTP and HTTPS, among many others

  • Create Wi-Fi connections

  • Create notifications

  • Integrate with other BlackBerry applications

  • Manage applications

  • Use the messages application

  • Use PIM applications

  • Use the phone application

  • Use the BlackBerry browser

  • Create Push BlackBerry Java applications

  • Localize BlackBerry Java applications

  • Test BlackBerry Java applications, and

  • Package and distribute BlackBerry Java applications

On top of all that, there is also a free BlackBerry JDE plug-in for developers who use the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment. This, of course, enables developers to build and test their rich mobile applications using tools with which they're already familiar and well-accustomed to. Developers should consider BlackBerry's Java Development Environment a place where they can create anything they imagine in the form of an application to be enjoyed by any number of users. The more you know about the JDE, the more you can take advantage of it -- so get started.

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