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Testing iPhone Apps with an Emulator

An emulator is a program that duplicates or mimics the functions of one system on a different system. Emulators exist in many forms and have different uses. An iPhone emulator can be used to test or run apps for the smartphone, and it is of particular importance to app developers. There are various emulators that you can download to test your apps, but for the purpose of this tutorial, we will use MobiOne Studio. MobiOne is one of the most popular programs of its kind and has received high ratings from several critics in the tech industry.

  1. Testing iPhone Apps with an Emulator
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By: wubayou
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April 15, 2011

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Before you jump into downloading MobiOne, here is a little background on the program.  While MobiOne Studio includes an iPhone emulator and that will be the focus of this tutorial, it also can be used to design iPhone apps and websites.  It allows you to create these without needing to be an expert on code or other highly technical items, and it uses simple drag and drop technology.  MobiOne runs on Windows, so it eliminates the barrier that comes with similar programs like the iPhone SDK which require you to have a Mac.  If you have compatibility concerns, don't, because MobiOne incorporates support for JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.

Now that you see the additional services MobiOne provides, let's focus on the testing solutions it can offer.  The program's iPhone emulator is referred to as the MobiOne Test Center.  On the surface, this feature allows you to click around and test the various parts of your app to make sure that it works properly.  As you go a bit deeper, you will notice that the emulator can also give you more technical details about your app.  You can view the app's code, its resources, and also troubleshoot any problems that you encounter.  Perhaps the best part of MobiOne is that it allows you to send your app to your iPhone so that you can see how it behaves on the real thing.  Some other emulators do not have this functionality, so you are limited when it comes to seeing your app in its true form.

Downloading and Installing the Emulator

To download MobiOne, visit this link: http://www.genuitec.com/mobile/download.html

Click on the Download Now link to begin.  At the time of this writing, version 1.1 is the latest edition of the program.  Depending on the browser you are using, you will either be asked to save the installer.exe file or run it.  We are using Firefox here, so we will save the binary file.

Once the file has downloaded, locate it and double-click it.  Select Run to begin the installation.  A popup will appear to show that the MobiOne installer is preparing itself.

The MobiOne Studio installation wizard should now appear.  Click Next to continue.

Read over the terms of the license agreement.  Click the small box to accept the terms.  Click Next.

Choose the installation location of the program.  If you do not like the default location, you can change it.  Click Next.

The MobiOne Studio software will begin to install.  It may take a few minutes to install, so be patient. 

After the installation is finished, you should see a message stating that the installation is complete.  By default, the box will be checked to launch the MobiOne Design Center immediately.  Uncheck it if you do not want it to open at this time.  Click Finish.

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