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The Java platform is ideal for any developer who wants to create rich client apps, because it is capable of providing the most flexibility and power. The possibilities are literally endless because Java can be used to create a wide array of applications that feature a broad reach in terms of functionality. Whether you want to create games or corporate apps, itís all possible using Java.

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By: Joe eitel
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July 23, 2009

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As mentioned previously, there arenít too many major differences between the JDE and the JDE plug-in for Eclipse; this is illustrated by the fact that they provide the same tools to developers.

Essentially, BlackBerryís JDE is a fully-integrated development environment and simulation tool intended to be used to build Java platform, Micro edition apps for Java-based BlackBerry devices. It can also act as a mobile information device profile (MIDP) compliant Java ME environment for any developer who wants to keep seamless portability in their wireless apps. The BlackBerry JDE also provides developers with a wide array of interfaces and tools, which should help them fully take advantage of some of the more unique features that are built into each and every Blackberry device.

Any Java developer whoís used the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) will find that BlackBerryís free JDE plug-in for Eclipse offers them a more familiar way to build and test their rich mobile apps.

Like the BlackBerry JDE, the plug-in for Eclipse enables Eclipse developers to write, test, and compile Java platform, mobile edition apps that run on smartphone devices; it enables them to simulate both the online and offline user experience of any BlackBerry device from their own desktop; it enables them to take advantage of the most current Java ME developments, because it features the integration of key Java specification requests (JSRs); and lastly it enables them to integrate with native smartphone apps in order to provide their users with a seamless smartphone experience.

Another benefit to these tools is the ability to easily create and test your apps. You will never need to buy an expensive SDK, and signing keys are relatively cheap (and in fact, signing keys are truly only necessary if you wish to access certain APIs, such as those that deal with personal information stored on the device, or ones that are capable of compromising security, etc)

Also, you may find that getting applications onto the device is really simple. In fact, you can even skip the App World store if you like (though it is an excellent marketing tool for your product). The webloader is quite easy to use over the traditional air loading technique of dragging and dropping your cod and jad files into your webfolder and properly setting up your MIMEtype. In fact, it is even easier that using your Desktop manager for installation. 

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