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Introducing the BlackBerry Push API

BlackBerry’s new Push API is obviously worth trying out. Aside from enabling developers to create better, more efficient apps, it also comes equipped with a wide array of thoughtful features that benefit everyone from investors, to users and developers. Keep reading for a close look.

  1. Introducing the BlackBerry Push API
  2. Key Features of Push
By: Joe eitel
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June 08, 2009

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API in Review

As some may already know, an Application Programming Interface (API) can either be language dependent or language independent . Language dependent APIs are only available in a particular programming language and only use specific syntax and elements of the programming language. Language independent APIs, on the other hand, are written in a way that makes them accessible in several different programming languages. Typically, language dependent APIs are a desired feature for a service-style API that will not be bound to a particular process or system.

An API itself is pretty abstract in the way that it specifies an interface and controls the behavior of the objects specified in that interface. The software that provides the functionality described by an API is said to be an implementation of the API. Also, keep in mind that an API is usually defined in terms of the programming language that was used to build the application.

BlackBerry Push API

BlackBerry’s new Push Application Programming Interface (API) enables developers to access the power of the BlackBerry Push infrastructure while infusing their Java applications with the speed that smartphone users have become accustomed to. Simply put, BlackBerry developers such as yourself can now create a wide array of exciting new apps that will truly enhance the smartphone experience.

It could be said that BlackBerry’s new Push API is specifically designed for the quick retrieval of vital information, as it provides time and location-sensitive alerts. Some of these alerts include news and weather, banking, and back up notifications, among other things. This Push API has a number of major selling points, which are sure to make it appealing for both developers and BlackBerry partners alike. The API literally allows developers to do more and accomplish more with their apps, so it will be quite exciting to see how far they’re going to push the envelope in terms of productivity. On the other end of the spectrum, BlackBerry partners have a lot to gain as well. After all, the more people that embrace the new applications, the greater the return will be on their development investment.

So why is it called push? BlackBerry says it’s because of the technique utilized by the API. It goes like this: A notification and URL are pushed to a device, and then the device fetches the content at the URL, which is referred to as the “pull.” Essentially, push delivers needed content to a device without the device having to request it. This data is sent to a port on the device where, believe it or not, the application is listening for it. It should be pointed out that generally speaking, Push is server mediated. There is also a Push initiator and yes, it has a job too. The initiator submits a request to the hosted data push service, which contains delivery instructions and the data. These delivery instructions basically detail where this data is to be sent.

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