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Developing the BlackBerry Browser

Those interested in becoming a BlackBerry developer, itís of the utmost importance that you get to know the BlackBerry browser like the back of your hand. The good news is that the architecture for BlackBerry browser applications is quite simplistic and straightforward. Essentially, the BlackBerry browser is a Java ME application and according to BlackBerry, this particular application has been a part of the companyís technology for almost ten years.

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By: Joe eitel
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May 27, 2009

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Of course itís only natural that the smartphones themselves have greatly improved over time and have been equipped with extra features like GPS and cameras. In terms of the browser- at its core, it is the same, but itís important to point out that the browserís features have been given a face-lift. As fast-paced as our world moves and as quickly as new technology develops, itís very rare that anything technology-related remains pertinent after ten years- which explains the overhaul on RIMís part.

The most up-to-date version of the BlackBerry browser is v4.7, but it may be worth it to note that the browser did go through a major evolution in its prior version, v4.6. The current version supports a wide array of markups and web 2.0 functionalities. Big thanks are owed to Research in Motionbecause the company has almost guaranteed ease of use for developers by allowing them to take advantage of already-existing data connections. It is because of this that anyoneinterested in creating apps can be up and running in no time. 

In order to make the most of the BlackBerry platform, developers should leverage the already-existing wireless connectivity and take full advantage of other, perhaps more familiar web-based user interfaces. To make things even more convenient, BlackBerryís application data can pull the same wireless compression, encryption, connection, and infrastructure as its e-mail, meaning itís unnecessary to build extra networking functions. Also, because of the fact that browser-based applications act as traditional client/server deployments, clients and users will already be familiar with your web-based interface, because there is nothing to deploy.

One more note on the v4.6 before we get into a general overview of the BlackBerry browser specifications. As mentioned previously, v4.6 supports a wide array of markups and web 2.0 features. Because of these new developments, developers can count on the browser to support markup languages such as HTML, X-HTML-MP, WML 1.3; it can support image files such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, WBMP; it can support complex presentation formats such as Frames, RSS, and ATOM, and last by not least the new BlackBerry browser can also support scripting languages such a JavaScript (which includes Ajax support), ECMAScript, and WML Script 1.2.1. In addition, you are able to embed media content, including audio, video, and SVG into your webpage.

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