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BlackBerry and Java have a long and storied history together. Since the launch of the BlackBerry 5810 in 2002, all BlackBerry smartphones have been Java-based. All core BlackBerry applications have been written in Java. As you can see, there are many benefits to being familiar with Java, especially as it pertains to being a BlackBerry developer.

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By: Joe eitel
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July 28, 2009

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“Location-based services” of course refer to GPS functionality, which happens to be one of the hottest features in mobile development. It should also come as no surprise when it’s reported that BlackBerry smartphones are ahead of the game when it comes to this coveted feature. Support for JSR 179 provides the GPS functionality, which is available on some BlackBerry smartphone devices, needed to incorporate location-based services into any app you’re creating.

Essentially, any BlackBerry device that supports GPS technology can be made to feature a BlackBerry Java app that will display the device’s current latitudinal and longitudinal position. Sometimes, depending on the location mode that’s specified, a developer can even create an app that displays additional information such as speed and route information.


JSR-135 enables developers to take full advantage of the rich multimedia capabilities available on each and every BlackBerry smartphone. Some of these features include audio playback and recording, as well as video playback and streaming -- just think of the possibilities.

Knowing the in and outs of advanced Java programming will enable a developer to create a BlackBerry application that is capable of playing media either in the BlackBerry browser or in the actual media application itself on the BlackBerry smartphone. Developers can now also create BlackBerry apps that are essentially media applications with the option of playing binary SVG content, as well as apps that record or send audio to a Bluetooth-enabled headset. If you become adept at advanced Java programming, there’s no end to the type of applications you can create for BlackBerry and for BlackBerry users.

Cryptography & Security APIs

Without top notch security, even the most inventive and useful smartphones, such as BlackBerry devices, would be worth nothing. Obviously then, security is a major part of the BlackBerry solution, and each smartphone is equipped with industry-leading cryptography APIs, which are inclusive of maximum PKI and state-of-the-art elliptic curve support. Learning how to leverage these outstanding security capabilities in applications should be a top priority for any developer who’s serious about their work and intent on using advanced Java programming features in their cutting-edge applications.

It seems as if BlackBerry is always looking out for developers, because once again, there are informative labs and tutorials that will provide developers with all of the information necessary to take advantage of these security benefits. There are advanced features of the Cryptography API that will enable developers to build applications that use advanced features, such as encryption, decryption, signing, and verification using public key cryptography.

Advanced Java programming is for more adept developers for a reason: it requires a higher skill set and an in-depth understanding of both Java and BlackBerry. That being said, once you’ve mastered the basics of Java programming, there will be no end to the types of applications you can develop at more skilled levels. Surely, BlackBerry users will also be eagerly awaiting the appearance of these new cutting edge applications.

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