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Advanced Java Programming for BlackBerry Smartphones

BlackBerry and Java have a long and storied history together. Since the launch of the BlackBerry 5810 in 2002, all BlackBerry smartphones have been Java-based. All core BlackBerry applications have been written in Java. As you can see, there are many benefits to being familiar with Java, especially as it pertains to being a BlackBerry developer.

  1. Advanced Java Programming for BlackBerry Smartphones
  2. Background Threads
  3. Location-Based Services
By: Joe eitel
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July 28, 2009

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Using Java to develop apps enables developers to create incredibly rich client applications, and the Java APIs that are already available on BlackBerry smartphones ensure that a developer has more control when it comes to providing customizable user interfaces, event listening, and system interfaces, among countless other features.

The BlackBerry Developer's Zone provides developers, new and seasoned alike, with a wide array of information, tools, and downloads that will make creating BlackBerry applications in Java incredibly easy. However, if you’re an advanced developer and you’re looking for something more challenging, then advanced Java programming for BlackBerry is right up your alley.

The BlackBerry Java Development Environment (JDE) has loads of advanced features that will help you bring your applications to a higher level of function and design. Aside from creating your own custom apps, you can now also integrate them seamlessly with any or all BlackBerry smartphone devices. Here we will discuss BlackBerry application integration, background threads, Bluetooth peripherals, location-based services, multimedia options, and cryptography and security APIs, which are just some of the JDE features specifically geared towards advanced BlackBerry programming with Java.

Application Integration

It’s common knowledge in this field that some of the most popular and widely used JavaME apps were created by RIM, which is the manufacturer of BlackBerry. You can use this fact to your advantage when doing advanced BlackBerry programming with Java. BlackBerry’s Java background will enable you to seamlessly integrate your applications with the BlackBerry’s browser, calendar, messaging center, maps, camera, and other search applications.

Integrating your apps with already-existing BlackBerry applications is sometimes referred to as “invoking” BlackBerry applications, which is done at a more advanced programming level. Essentially, there are four ways to integrate with existing apps: 

  1. By using the Invoke API 
  2. By using CHAPI 
  3. By utilizing ApplicationMenuItems
  4. By embedding the app directly into your own application. You can do this with either the browser, BlackBerry Maps, or the video player/camera.

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