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What’s behind the curtain? Part I

It's no secret that any computer connected to the Internet faces a wide array of security threats. These days, however, a business needs to be connected to the Internet just to do business. What can you do? Keep reading to learn more about risks you take, and what you can do to protect yourself and your company.

  1. What’s behind the curtain? Part I
  2. Types of attackers
  3. Anatomy of an attack
  4. Targets
  5. Malicious Code
  6. Backdoors
By: Eliana Stavrou
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February 21, 2005

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Everyone who uses the Internet has encountered at least one security violation. Sometimes these violations go unnoticed by the security-unaware user, and other times we may found out about them after they have caused severe damage to our information and systems. The best approach to solve the problem and avoid possible security violations is to know in advance what threatens our safety so we can protect our systems and information. As you will see later in this article, the lists of threats is endless. Every day, a new security attack comes to the surface and causes damage to many businesses (and not only businesses).

My objective in this article is to introduce you to the subject of security threats, tell you a bit about those who target you, how they operate and what they want to compromise, and finally start talking about the threats you may face by surfing the Internet. In this part of the article I will start the discussion of security threats with the well-known category of malicious code. I aim to cover as many as threats as possible in this series of articles; the information provided will be brief so that I can cover the full range of threats, so I advise you to seek further information for specific threats which concern you, and find out about their philosophy of operation. 

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