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Critical Microsoft Visual Studio Security Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is releasing a security patch for Visual Studio and another "moderate" rated patch for IE for almost all versions. The patches are must-haves for developers that use Visual Studio and any internet explorer users.

By: Dev Shed
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July 25, 2009

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Here comes another critical patch from Microsoft.  What it fixes is anyone's guess, but it affects almost all versions of Windows and .NET Visual Studio back to 2003.  Developers are encouraged to register their guess, but make your guesses after you apply the patch.

Speculation is that the Internet Explorer patch is going to be for IE6, IE7 and IE8 and that it patches something to do with the Video Active-X hacker hole it left open for years.  Now, with the boon of sites that use video and the competition for putting video in either Silverlight or Flash, Microsoft must be a little worried about embedding Video with a vulnerability.

In advance of the patches, due to download on Tuesday, July 28th. on their website here: security bulletin advance notification.  

 - Microsoft to fix critical hole in IE: CNet 

 - Microsoft Pushing Out Critical Security Patches Next Week: eWeek

 - Microsoft to Issue Emergency Patches Next Week: Washington Post

 - Online Game Password Stealers exploit 0-day DirectX vulnerability, Microsoft: ditii.com

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