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This is the second part of a series covering cryptography algorithms. If by any chance you have missed its first part, I urge you to check it out right now. It is called "An Introduction to Cryptography." In order to understand this article, it is crucial to grasp the concepts explained in that part.

  1. A Sequel to Cryptography
  2. Using XOR on an Example
  3. Breaking XOR Encryption
  4. Conclusions
By: Barzan "Tony" Antal
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July 24, 2007

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We've finished our XOR-related discussions. I've explained to you the background of the XOR logical operation, shown how to implement this to create an encryption algorithm, and ultimately we've endeavored in three unique ways to break it.

Assuming that you still remember the first part of this series ("An Introduction to Cryptography") right now you should have three encryption algorithms- all of them coded by you. You should have played with them by now already.

I have run out of space in this part, so I suggest that you fiddle with them to grasp the main concepts and coding workarounds until the next part arrives. That last part, like I promised, will give you a breakthrough of the latest top-notch encryption and security algorithms used nowadays. That is going to be the last part of this series - the epilogue. And it is going to be more conceptual. 

Since I am sure that I have gained your interest by now with these two parts, I will also give you a list of the best literature that's available on the topic of cryptography in the epilogue. That should give you even more to look forward to. 

Until the epilogue arrives -- keep on coding and practicing. See you at the last part!

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