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We may not be able to completely bulletproof our websites, but we can at least try to anticipate possible attacks and secure against them. Here is one you might not have heard of: cross site scripting. With just a bit of JavaScript, a malicious attacker can use it to cause all sorts of problems. To find out more about what it is, and how to prevent your website from becoming a victim, keep reading.

  1. A Quick Look at Cross Site Scripting
  2. What is Cross Site Scripting?
  3. Going deeper into JavaScript
  4. The hidden link
  5. Preventing Cross Site Scripting
  6. Coding for our safety
By: Alejandro Gervasio
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January 04, 2005

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First off, we need to follow simple and straight rules, applicable to common scenarios, where user input is always involved.

Always, all the time, and constantly (pick your term), check to ensure what’s coming from POST and GET requests. However obvious, you should never pass by these steps.

If a specific and particular type of data is expected, check to ensure that it’s a really valid type and that its of the expected length. Whatever programming language you’re using will give you the possibility and the power to do that easily.

Whenever possible, use client-side validation for adding extra functionality to user input checking. Please note that JavaScript validation cannot be used on its own for checking data validity, but it may help to discourage some evil-minded visitors from entering malicious data while providing useful assistance to other well-intended users.

Remove conflicting characters from user input. Search for < and > characters and make sure they're quickly removed. Single and double quotes must be escaped properly too. Many professional websites fail when dealing with character escaping. I hope you won’t.

We might go on endlessly, with numerous tips about validating user data, but you can get a lot more from just checking some other useful tutorials and articles. For the sake of this article, we’ll show an example to prevent Cross Site Scripting using PHP.

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