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Recently Zend, the company behind the scripting engine that powers PHP, released a group of tools designed to make PHP programming and execution better, faster, and more reliable. This review covers one of these new products, Zend LaunchPad™, a quality assured packaged version of PHP. Is it really worth the price?

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By: Sterling Hughes
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March 02, 2001

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The Launchpad is an excellent candidate for businesses that need a commercially backed and Quality Assured version of PHP. In this area the product meets my expectations in many ways, with one or two forgivable flaws. However, I cannot yet reccomend the Launchpad to any business that has already made the decision to use PHP without the Quality Assurance and professional support, because, the ease of use features of the Launchpad are not yet mature enough to be considered that useful (actually, I found the interfaces distracting).

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