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Recently Zend, the company behind the scripting engine that powers PHP, released a group of tools designed to make PHP programming and execution better, faster, and more reliable. This review covers one of these new products, Zend LaunchPad™, a quality assured packaged version of PHP. Is it really worth the price?

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By: Sterling Hughes
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March 02, 2001

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A couple of weeks ago, Zend finally released their long awaited product line, including much needed products, such as a stable, quality Cache as well as an encoder that allows you to encrypt and distribute your code. But are these products all that they're hyped to be? Are they worth their price tags? Over the next couple of weeks I will be offering you my reviews of the different Zend products, the Zend Launchpad, the Zend IDE + Debugger, the Zend Cache and the Zend encoder.

This week we will be covering the Zend Launchpad, Zend's attempt at providing an easy to install, easy to configure, quality assured version of php. In the article I will first go over the specifics of the Zend Launchpad, and then I will offer my (not so) humble opinion on the product.

The Zend Launchpad consists of a set of three components, a shell based installation interface, the Zend quality assured version of PHP and the online configuration program, automagically installed.

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