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The Python Web Services Developer: Part 3

Continuing their example of a Web service for storing and managing software, Uche Ogbuji and Mike Olson illustrate how to update the repository using SOAP messages and how to advertise it as a Web service.

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By: Mike Olson and Uche Ogbuji
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July 31, 2003

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We began presenting an example of a software repository in part 2 of this column, illustrating how a lot of the heavy lifting of data and metadata management could be made much simpler by using available Web tools and open Web standards such as XML, XSLT, and RDF. Since building the core of the software repository was so simple, we now have time to contemplate how to represent this in a Web service.

In this article, we will look at ways of adding content to the software repository using HTTP POST and SOAP. Also, we'll look at a SD description of the resulting Web service and how 4Suite Server can help expose this. You will want to be familiar with the work from part 2 as well as with HTML forms and the Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) protocol (see Resources).

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