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Sockets are the lead pipes of computer networks: they let you connect with other devices so that information can flow freely. As you might expect, they're widely used on the Internet. Peyton McCullough explains how to code sockets in Python.

  1. Sockets in Python
  2. The Basics
  3. Connecting to the Server
  4. Sockets...Simplified
  5. Summary
By: Peyton McCullough
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December 28, 2004

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You have learned that sockets are a valuable tool in the Python scripting language. They enable you to communicate with other computers, clients and servers, and to exchange data. Sockets are used to accomplish many common computer-related tasks, such as browsing Web pages. Though many novices assume that sockets are difficult, the opposite is true. Python also includes a number of libraries built on top of the socket library that allow you to easily write networking applications.

You now have the knowledge and tools to construct scripts that use sockets. Where you choose to go from here is entirely up to you. However, you may wish to browse through the standard library to find modules to aid development using sockets. Some modules that may help you include the select, asyncore, asynchat, ftplib ( FTP ), poplib ( mail ), imaplib ( mail ), smtplib ( mail ), telnetlib ( telnet ), nnttplib ( news ), SocketServer ( server ), BaseHTTPServer ( HTTP server ), SimpleHTTPServer ( HTTP server ) and CGIHTTPServer ( HTTP server ) modules.

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