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As a true object-oriented language, Python is a great place tostart learning about OO programming. In this first segment of a two-partarticle, take your Python skills to the next level with a discussion ofclasses and class instances. Practical (and not-so-practical) examplesincluded.

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By: icarus, (c) Melonfire
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November 01, 2001

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Now that you've got the concepts straight, let's take a look at the nitty-gritty of a class definition.

class veryBigSnake: # method and property definitions
Every class definition begins with the keyword "class", followed by a class name. You can give your class any name that strikes your fancy, so long as it doesn't collide with a reserved word. All class variables and functions are indented within this block, and are written as you would normally code them.

In order to create a new instance of a class, you need to simply create a new variable referencing the class.

>>> alpha = veryBigSnake() >>>
In English, the above would mean "create a new object of class veryBigSnake and assign it to the variable 'alpha'".

You can now access all the methods and properties of the class via this variable.

>>> # accessing a method >>> alpha.set_snake_name("Peter Python") >>> >>> # accessing a property >>> alpha.name >>>
Again, in English,

>>> alpha.set_snake_name("Peter Python") >>>
would mean

"execute the method set_snake_name() with parameter 'Peter Python' of this specific instance of the class veryBigSnake".

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