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MySQL Connectivity With Python

Python comes with a bunch of different modules that allow youto add new capabilities to your Python scripts. One of the more usefulones is the MySQLdb module, which allows you to execute SQL queries on aMySQL database through your Python application. This articledemonstrates basic usage of this module with simple examples andillustrations.

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By: icarus, (c) Melonfire
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August 21, 2002

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One of the cool things about Python is that, as an object-oriented language, it forces developers to think in terms of abstraction and code modularization when writing code, and thereby results in cleaner, better-packaged applications. However, packaging your code into functions is just the beginning; Python also allows you to create collections of shared code fragments, or "modules", which may be imported and used by any Python program. Powerful, flexible and very interesting, modules can be one of the most potent weapons in a Python developer's arsenal...so long as they're used correctly.

Over the course of this article, I'll be exploring one of Python's more useful modules, the MySQLdb module. This MySQLdb module allows developers to connect their Python code up to a MySQL database server, execute SQL commands on it, and massage the resulting data set into a useful and usable format...and it comes in very handy when you're developing database-driven Python applications. But don't take my word for it - see for yourself!

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