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Introduction to Jython

Java and Python -- each have their advantages and disadvantages. What is a programmer to do if he wants ease, efficiency, and power? Believe it or not, there is a solution -- a way to merge both languages and get the best of both worlds. Read on to find out how it works.

  1. Introduction to Jython
  2. Installing Jython
  3. Calling Java Classes
  4. Embedding
By: Peyton McCullough
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February 22, 2005

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Java is a very powerful language. Python is a very easy and very efficient language. Isn't it a pity that  both of these languages remain separate? Or do they? Let me introduce Jython, a technology capable of merging Python and Java together to create efficient and powerful applications.

Jython is an implementation of Python in Java. With it, you can embed Python directly into your Java applets and applications, or you can use Java classes in Python, along with the modules of the standard library that Jython supports (at the time of writing this, the number of supported modules is a bit limited).

The source of Jython is also freely availible, just like Python's source.

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