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What books are good for learning Python? What editor should you use when writing Python? What exactly is Python? All these questions, and more, are answered in this great new article.

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By: Boudewijn Rempt
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October 25, 2000

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Audience: Literally everyone. Start your Python experience here.

Description: Python is freely available for almost every computing platform under the sun, and this is the place from which to obtain the latest version. It's also the place where people come together to discuss things such as database connectivity, Python in education, Python in SIGs, and special-interest groups.

Audience: Every Python developer.

Description: The grand treasure trove of all Pythondom, the Vaults of Parnassus Web site offers an index of almost all Python modules, Python applications, Python tutorials, and Python Web sites. (It's also a Python-powered site!) Whenever you've written a bit of Python that could be generally useful, announce it here—Parnassus will announce it for you on comp.lang.python.announce and on the Python announcements mailing list.

Python Software Activity
Audience: Serious Python developers.

Description: The Python Software Activity is an organization of volunteers that keeps the Python infrastructure (Web site, FTP site, conferences, and so on) running. It's financed by memberships of Python developers; individual memberships are $50. Benefits include conference discounts, access to private mailing lists, the alpha development code of Python, and, of course, inclusion in the central network of Python developers.

Regular Expressions
Audience: Developers who are interested in scripting languages, especially Python.

Description: "Regular Expressions", a column by Cameron Laird and others, is published two times a week by Sun World. This column offers a great deal of interesting commentary on scripting languages in general. Much of it is quite interesting for Python developers.

General Interest Sites
Several sites of general interest to the Python community are worth visiting. Computer Programming for Everybody is a project started by Python's inventor, Guido van Rossum, to stimulate programming education at schools that use Python. The Python Starship is a Web site where experienced Python developers make their work available—it includes several useful modules. The O'Reilly Web site regularly publishes interesting and thought-provoking articles on Python, such as this one about using Python in schools. When working on a GUI, don't forget to pay a visit to the Interface Hall of Shame, where you can find abundant examples of horrible GUI design.

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