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Bluetooth Programming using Python

Bluetooth is a way to connect devices wirelessly. This technology has a variety of uses. Python is an easy to learn scripting language that has been growing in popularity. The two can work well together, as will be explained in this article.

  1. Bluetooth Programming using Python
  2. Bluetooth and Python: the Whys and Wherefores
  3. Bluetooth Programming, Step by Step
  4. Bluetooth Programming in the Real World
By: A.P.Rajshekhar
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September 10, 2007

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In today's world, ad-hoc networks have become common. The main aspect of an ad-hoc network is that the participants of the network communicate more or less in a wireless way. Bluetooth has emerged as the prominent mode of wireless communication among devices forming an ad-hoc network.

This means that any software targeted at such devices needs to be Bluetooth enabled. In other words, the language with which such software is developed needs to provide an API that facilitates Bluetooth enabling. However, most of the time the APIs provided by the languages introduce a steep learning curve due to the lack of flexibility of the language itself.

It is here that scripting languages, especially a language such as Python, provide an easier way. In this discussion, I will focus on the use of Python API for programming Bluetooth devices. The next section will be about the whys and wherefores of Bluetooth and how Python fits into the picture. The third section will enumerate the steps in using Python API in accessing the Bluetooth devices and their services. The final section will put the theory into practice by developing a real world application. That's the outline for the discussion.

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