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development prracticesOkay, so you have a respectable handle on syntax, and you are proud of yourself for getting that far. And, truth be told, you should be. But, knowing syntax is not the same as mastering syntax in such a way that builds quick, efficient web software. This article takes a look at not just writing software, but writing quality software.

  1. Writing Quality Software: A Primer
  2. Some General Quality Issues
  3. Consistent and Readable Code Format
  4. Naming Conventions
  5. Appropriately Commenting Your Code
  6. Unit Testing
  7. System Testing
By: Steve Adcock
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December 15, 2003

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System testing is what we are all used to, and what we all may or may not enjoy. System testing involves firing up our web browsers and hoping for the best. We ensure the interface displays correctly and we confirm that data is being stored, retrieved and manipulated properly.

When system testing, take one chunk at a time. If your application is large, focus on a particular page. Before moving to the next, make sure the page is absolutely 100% correct. Focusing on too many elements of your application at once causes confusion and increases the chances of overlooking common errors.

When testing the system, pay special attention to unexpected data. Make your application handle the unexpected data, just like you did in a unit test. But in this case, ensure that your interface remains consistent and a clear error message is presented. Error messages should both explain what the error is and how to fix it. Users need to be guided.

System testing is usually the last step in writing quality software. Once all modules and control structures are thoroughly screened and the interface tested, quality software is right around the corner.

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