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The Art Of Software Development (part 5): Adding Value

So you think releasing a software product is the end of theroad? Not by a long shot! In this final article, find out what goes intothe post-release phase of the software development cycle...and how youcan use it to make both your customer and your accountants happy.

  1. The Art Of Software Development (part 5): Adding Value
  2. The Real World
  3. Changing Things Around
  4. Playing The Numbers
  5. Going The Whole Nine Yards
  6. Parting Shots
By: Vikram Vaswani, (c) Melonfire
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October 15, 2002

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In the last part of this series, I took you through what many considerto be the final phase of the software development lifecycle,demonstrating how software testing helps to reduce bugs in the finaldeliverable, and how the testing process leads naturally to a release ofthe software to the customer. Once the software is delivered and allpending payments cleared, it's time to say goodbye to your customer andget ready for the next project.

Or is it?

Now, this might not make much sense...but typically, the successfulconclusion of a software project is just the beginning of a longermaintenance cycle, one which many consider to be even more profitablethan the initial development effort. Over the next few pages, I'm goingto tell you a little more about how this works. So flip the page, andlet's get started!

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