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The Art Of Software Development (part 4): Delivering Quality

Just writing code isn't enough - you also need to test itthoroughly before you release it to a customer. This article discussesthe testing phase of the software development cycle, providing you withan overview of test cases and testing processes, together with adiscussion of how to go about documenting your software in a clear andconcise user manual.

  1. The Art Of Software Development (part 4): Delivering Quality
  2. Code To Zero
  3. Casing The Joint
  4. A Man With A Plan
  5. Bug-bustin'
  6. The Write Stuff
  7. Endgame
By: icarus, (c) Melonfire
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September 24, 2002

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If you've been following along, you now know all about the first threephases of a software development project: requirements analysis,software design and implementation. But in case you thought your jobended with the completion of the code, think again - you've still got away to go before you can call it a wrap.

In this fourth article of a five-part series, I'm going to be spendingsome time discussing what happens *after* you've finished writing thecode that meets your customer's requirements. I'll be discussing thevarious types of testing your code must go through, providing you with abrief overview of how test cases should be prepared and softwareproblems should be reported, and explaining how software is released toa customer. I'll also be discussing that bane of developers everywhere -documentation - with some tips and tricks that might make the processmore painless. So let's get started.

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