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It is common knowledge that the Internet is a great data source. It is alsocommon knowledge that it is difficult to get the information you want in the format you need. No longer.

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By: Tommie Jones
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March 05, 2002

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String::CRC is a simple and little known module that provides simple checksum support. Checksums are often used as sanity checks. Given a string of text they generate a number. Doing small modifications to the string drastically changes the value of the checksum. That is not to say that a checksum is unique for every string. What is important for a checksum is that a minor change in the string requires a drastically changed string.

How would a checksum be used? An example would be if you transfer a file from one machine to another and were not sure the file had been corrupted. A checksum can be run on the original file and the file at its new location. If the checksums are the same then the transfer can be considered successful. It would be very unlikely that a file could be corrupted (by accident) and still generate the same checksum.

Here is an example of String::CRC in action:

#!/usr/bin/perl use String::CRC; my $str = " some text string "; my ($crc) = crc($str, 32); print "Check sum $str -> $crc\n"; $str = $str . " "; $crc = crc($str, 32); print "Check sum $str -> $crc\n";
By running this script you will see just adding an additional white space can significantly change the result of crc.

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