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Perl: More on Data Types and Operators

So, when we last left off, I left you lost in a tumultuous sea of data types, variables, and strings. Fortunately for you, you have the black Perl, the world's fastest ship and a magical compass to point you in the right direction. So let's prepare to sail, er, study, and mind the shoals.

  1. Perl: More on Data Types and Operators
  2. Hashes are Yummy
  3. Operating the Deep Seas
  4. Incremental/ Decremental
  5. Comparing Numbers
By: James Payne
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October 15, 2007

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Unfortunately, you also had that lubber Orlando Bloom blocking your path to that hottie Kiera Knightley. Not to mention a giant squid-faced pirate hot on your trail.

Well never ye fear land lubber. The good Cap'n is back and he'll set ye sailin' in the right direction as sure as Ben Affleck can't act.

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Data

We left off with Lists, and that's where we will start up again. In our first example, we are going to learn how to pass a variable into a list.


$add_this = 1

@my_value = {$add_this 'Dollar ', 'Is ', 'All ', 'I ', 'Own '};

print @my_value

  This would print out:

  1 Dollar Is All I Own

You will notice that I have a space after each value when I assign them. If I didn't, the text would all run to together.

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