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Perl 101 (part 7) - CGI Basics

After spending the past few months understanding Perl'svariables, operators and functions, it's time to start writing Perlprograms for the Web. This week, Perl 101 introduces you to the basics ofCGI scripting, and also teaches you how to use a new type of Perl variable,the hash.

  1. Perl 101 (part 7) - CGI Basics
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By: Vikram Vaswani and Harish Kamath, (c) Melonfire
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September 25, 2000

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If you've been paying attention these last few weeks, you should now know enough to write basic Perl programs. And with that task accomplished, Perl 101 now turns its attention to teaching you how to use Perl to generate HTML pages dynamically through server-side CGI scripts.

Since CGI scripts typically involve passing a number of name-value pairs of variables from one page to another, we're first going to introduce you to a new type of variable, and then use that knowledge to build some simple CGI scripts. Keep reading!

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