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Never worked with Perl but always wondered how it works? In this article Pete starts from scratch, explaining everything we need to know to code, test and implement a "mail me" script with Perl. He shows us how to setup the form, how to use the CGI module, and also how to pipe commands directly to sendmail. If you've never worked with Perl before, then this article is exactly what you need to get you started!

  1. Perl 101: The email form
  2. Hello world in Perl
  3. Refining Your Script
  4. More Regular Expressions
  5. Conclusion
By: Pete Smith
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April 25, 2002

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This being your first script, you will no doubt have run into errors along the way. The most common are missing semi-colons from the ends of lines, missing content-type headers, and incorrect file permissions. If you have access to your web servers error logs these are a great way to quickly track down bugs.

Hopefully this introduction to PERL CGI has got you interested enough to find out more about Perl and its uses in web design. Be sure to check out http://www.perlcoders.com/, who specialize in CGI programming: they have hundreds of scripts (many of which are free to members) to make your site really stand out from the crowd!

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