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Perl 101 (Part 5) - Sub-Zero Code

This week, Perl 101 introduces you to subroutines and teaches youhow to structure your code for maximum reusability. Also included: returnvalues, my() and local() constructs, and a marriage proposal.

  1. Perl 101 (Part 5) - Sub-Zero Code
  2. Great Movies...
  3. ...And Memorable Friends
  4. Popping The Question
  5. Turning Up The Heat
  6. My() Hero!
  7. The Age Gauge
By: Vikram Vaswani and Harish Kamath, (c) Melonfire
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July 21, 2000

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If you've been paying attention these last few weeks, you should know enough about Perl to begin writing your own programs in the language. As a matter of fact, you might even be entertaining thoughts of cutting down your weekly visits to this Web site and doing away with this tutorial altogether.

Well, a very wise man once said that a little knowledge was a dangerous thing...and so, as your Perl scripts become more and more complex, you're going to bump your head against the principles of software design, and begin looking for a more efficient way of structuring your Perl programs.

Enter this week's tutorial, which attempts to address that very problem by teaching you all you need to know about a programming construct called a "subroutine". And - since all work and no play is no way to live your life - we'll also be tossing in a few pop culture references that should help make the lesson an interesting [maybe even entertaining?] one.

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