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This excerpt is from Wrox's book Beginning Perl. It covers the entirety of Chapter 5 - Regular expressions. Buy this book on Amazon.com now!

  1. Beginning Perl
  2. Regular Expressions
  3. Escaping Special Characters
  4. Repetition
  5. Working with RegExps
  6. More Advanced Topics
By: Dev Shed
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July 14, 2000

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This manuscript is Chapter 5 Regular Expressions from the Wrox Press book Beginning Perl. The book introduces Perl to those new to programming - although you'll find it easier if you have some basic programming experience. It encourages the creation of legible and sensible programs so as to dispel the myth of Perl as a confusing and obscure programming language. It takes you through all aspects of the Perl programming language. From history and background, right through key topics such as Literals and Operators, Variables, Regular Expressions, Networking, CGI and Object Orientation. The book culminates with coverage of more advanced perl, specifically Perl/TK, Perl to C interaction, and how to embed Perl code in C projects.

For further details about the book, and other books in our range, visit the Wrox Press Web Site.

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