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As your Web site gets more and more popular, you're going to need a capable banner management program to help you keep track of customers, banners and clicks. Take a look at phpBanner, which just might be what you're looking for!

  1. Clicking Through: A phpBanner Primer
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  8. Clicking Through
By: Melonfire
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April 21, 2004

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And that's about it for this tutorial. In this article, I introduced you to one of the simplest banner management programs out there, and explained how you could integrate and use it on your own Web site. I guided you through the process of installing and configuring phpBanner, showed you how to add clients and banners, and also illustrated, with a simple example, the additions you need to make to your web pages to display these banners. Finally, I rounded the discussion up with a look at some of the additional options available in the get_banner() function.

Of course, phpBanner isn't the only option out there -- there are lots of banner management programs available on the Web, and many of them are free. Here's a brief list:

PhpAdsNew, at http://phpadsnew.com/two/

NKAds, at http://nkads.nkstudios.net/english/index.php

PhpAdManager, at http://www.laughland.biz/phpmy.php?pageid=adman

Random Ad, at http://www.flash-here.com/downloads/randomad.html

I hope you found all of the above interesting, and that it encouraged you to try out phpBanner on your own Web site. So go on - give it a shot, and if you hit it big, remember to send a polite word of gratitude to the developers who spent lots of time and effort building this application!

Note: Examples are illustrative only, and are not meant for a production environment. Melonfire provides no warranties or support for the source code described in this article.

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